Baltma DMC

1991 - the year when Baltma Tours was founded - is remarkable for everyone, who was linked with the Baltics and the Soviet Union. It’s the year when Perestroika started in the Soviet Union, when the Baltic States became independent, Kaliningrad – former Königsberg – was opened for foreign tourists. At that time Baltma Tours started promoting the new destination of the Baltics for European tourists.

Linking cities in the Baltics by the single root – the Hanseatic Gdansk, ancient and long suffering Königsberg, Lithuanian Neringa and Vilnius, beautiful Riga, medieval Estonian Tallinn and the North capital of Russian empire Saint Petersburg – we have been searching for special charm of these cities, particular striking individualities of all these different lands and the creativity of the people of these countries and we have always tried to find something common – whether it is the Baltic Sea with amber, whether these are sand dunes with giant pines, whether these are people, hospitable and smiling…

For more than 28 years these countries have developed wonderful European infrastructure: wonderful hotels and conference facilities have appeared, exciting programs have been created…

We unite all these features and offer as BALTMADMC.COM!

Welcome to the world of Baltma Tours which we know and love!

Sincerely yours, the Baltma Tours team

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