Kaliningrad Netherlands

Kaliningrad Netherlands

We invite you to visit a unique "water kingdom", stroll along the canals of the Polessk and Slavsk districts and get acquainted with "the Kaliningrad Netherlands."

So, we direct our steps from Kaliningrad to Polessk! On the way you can get acquainted with the history of the Kaliningrad region and enjoy the views of picturesque places and such attractions as the Labiau Castle of the XIV century, the former Catholic chapel, the bypass fortress of the XIII century, the drawbridge Eagle Bridge, and much more!

An hour later you will arrive to the main point of the trip to the "Kaliningrad Netherlands" – polders (lands lying below the sea level), located in the Polessk and Slavsk districts. Such lands are formed by rivers, canals, seas for centuries. The waters of the river Neman created this unique landscape overflowing during floods. Starting from the XVI century, people dried these lands with systems of dams, canals and pumping stations. Today the square of such territories here is more than 100 000 hectares.

We suggest you to make a bike ride in these beautiful places - from the settlement of Golovkino to the settlement of Matrosovo (germ. Gilge). What could be more enjoyable than a bike walk along the beautiful canal? Your impression will be strengthened by the lunch in an old restored German farmstead “Gilge” in the settlement of Matrosovo. Here you will find an excellent cuisine, friendly staff and beautiful well-kept area of the Polessky canal beautiful nature at its background.

Generally, there are unlimited opportunities for rest, interesting and pleasant leisure: you can fish, hunt, take a horse or bike rides.

A boat trip can be also organized, which will start from the Eagle Bridge (germ. Adlerbrüke) built in 1919. Having unmoored, you will find yourself in the Polessky canal (germ. Grosser Friedrichsgraben) 18 km long. The water route starts in Polessk, then on the canal it leads to Krasnoe, Golovkino, Matrosovo, the farmstead “Gilge”, the Curonian Lagoon and again to Polessk.

Number of participants: up to 22

Duration: 8 hours

Period: May-September

Extra: fishing, nordic walking, mushrooming, berry picking (raspberry), kayaking, motor-boat trip, visiting the museum-school Waldwinkel.



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