Keys to Koenigsberg

Keys to Koenigsberg

A quest for old city gates.

Old gates of Koenigsberg ... Like doors to the past, they are inviting you to go several centuries back in time and visit the good old Koenigsberg, which once was the capital of East Prussia. Built in the middle of the XIX century in neo-Gothic style and decorated with sculptures and bas-reliefs, the old city gates still remain significant architectural landmarks of modern Kaliningrad.

You are offered to visit the best-known gates of Koenigsberg one by one and unveil all their secrets. It is recommended that you start your tour from the Kings’ Gate. Its first stone was laid in 1843 in the presence of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. The ceremony marked the beginning of construction of the second defence wall around the city of Koenigsberg. The museum located there is dedicated to the Grand Embassy of the Russian Tsar Peter the Great to Europe.

Along with the King’s Gate, Rosgarten Gate, which was built in 1852-1855, is another most beautiful gate in the city. It combines the power of fortifications with tracery of Gothic churches.

The Brandenburg Gate is the only one still performing the function of a city gate with cars and trams passing through. It may be called the “most Gothic” gate of Koenigsberg.

It would be quite logical for you to finish your tour in the Friedland Gate. Today it houses a museum, which offers an exceptional opportunity of making “a virtual walk around Konigsberg”. This permanent display is unique, both for Europe and Russia. 

Number of participants: 20-70

Duration: 4-6 hours

Period: all year round

Extra: lunch / dinner in a restaurant.

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