Traditions of horse riding

Traditions of horse riding

The equestrian tournament in Chernyakhovsk 

Just agree that the world-class horse tournaments are beautiful, prestigious and exciting! Georgenburg, the oldest stud farm of East Prussia, is located on the outskirts of Chernyakhovsk, 80 km to the east from Kaliningrad. Next to the stud farm there is the Order Castle of Georgenburg, built in 1337 on the high bank of the river Inster for the Samland bishop.

Since 1525 during the Teutonic Order transition into the Duchy of Prussia, the castle became the property of the first Duke of Prussia, Albrecht Hohenzollern, Margrave of Brandenburg. In the second half of the XIX century the castle was bought by immigrants from Scotland, the Simpsons, and they founded a stud farm in the castle. In 1899 the Prussian state bought the castle and domain. From 1913 the equestrian tournaments started being held there regularly. The glorious history of the stud and the equestrian tournaments of East Prussia ended in 1941 when the last tournament took place. In 2002 the stud farm returned its historical name and in the same year the equestrian tournament was held in its native place "Georgenburg" on the best in Russia horse jumping field.

Now three breeds of horses are being raised in Georgenburg: the Holstein, the Hannover and the Trakehner. At the stud farm’s disposal there is a complex of stable buildings, two riding-houses, two outdoor arenas, a training field, a hotel, a restaurant and a summer cafe. Being the center of elite sport horse breeding of the country in 2003 the stud farm received the official status of the International Equestrian Federation - CSI4 * for the first time in Russia and hosts the tournaments of the highest level.

Today the history of horse breeding in East Prussia continues on your eyes! 

Number of participants: from 10

Duration: 8 hours

Period: April-October


- lunch;

- visiting the museum of the stud farm;

- riding lessons;

- isiting the International Show Jumping Tournament CSI *** (in September).


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