Rafting in the Prussian style

Rafting in the Prussian style

Raft excursion on the river of time 

If you would like to stay tete-a-tete with nature, then river rafting is for you! Canoes and kayaks are ideal for travelling on the rivers which the Kaliningrad region is rich in, and especially, the environs of the town Ozersk.

Having come here you will find yourself in “the different world”. This is a cozy, small and clean town where old buildings and cobble stoned pavements preserved. The first in Europe electric street lamp appeared in Ozersk and it is possible to see the monument to the lamp on the central square. The beautiful bricked building erected in 1898 is also on the square. The Post of Russia is located in it now. During German times the telegraph and parcel reception service was here as well. The church built in 1842 is located not far from the square.

Formerly the services were held there, the organ was heard. And also the environs of Ozersk could be called the State of Stocks, there are so many of them here! The water power plant is located on the river Angrapa where the rafting will take place. It is amazing, but the river starts in the Masurian Lakes, in Poland. The total length of the river is 172 km, and 120 km out of them is in the Kaliningrad region. The width of the river Angrapa in the district of Ozersk varies from 5 to 12 m, its depth is not more then 1,5-2 meters.

Its meandering route and slow current will let you not only master the skills of rafting but also to see the picturesque places: glades, back-waters with water-lilies and wild untouched nature. Bright impressions after active rest and beautiful places are guaranteed!

And after the end of rafting everyone will be able to show ones adroitness on the rope park routes as well.

Number of participants: 10-70

Duration: 3-4 hours

Period: May-September


- lunch on bank of the river;

- biking route 10 and 22 km;

- visiting the castle of Georgenburg and stud farm in Chernyakhovsk;

- horse riding.

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