In the realm of birds and sand

In the realm of birds and sand

Sightseeing tour in the national park

A visit to the Curonian Spit is an unforgettable contact with nature. Pine forests, white sandy beaches and solitude will give visitors a lot of pleasure during the tour.

You will visit the oldest ornithological station in Europe, get a unique chance to band a bird and climb up to the viewing platform of one of the dunes to hear the voice of the famous singing sand!

At the end of the last century the Curonian Spit, a distant periphery of Prussia at that time, was visited by Johannes Tinemann, a German priest and scientist. He discovered that the peninsula was a part of the migration route of millions of birds. It seemed that the nature had created a place for the study of birds migration. And in 1901 the world’s first birds banding station was established there by the pastor. 

The route goes through the territory of the field station "Fringilla" (Latin name for chaffinch), where scientists catch and band birds. Tours around the station are guided by qualified ornithologists. "Fringilla" is a popular destination of tourists traveling on the Curonian Spit. Because under the guidance of an experienced ornithologist you will be able to band one of the birds caught in the net-trap at the biological station! 

We also offer you to have lunch on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon. On the menu there is Baltic fish soup from famous Baltic pike-perch and various fish dishes. After lunch the tour continues and you will climb to the viewing platform of Efa height.

Route " Efa Height " begins at the parking place near the road. Walking up through the forest on the wooden path travelers get to the first viewing platform, which offers spectacular scenery with white and gray dunes, the Curonian Lagoon, green forest and the Baltic Sea. Directly to the south, between the viewing platform and the lagoon there is Staroselskaya duna. According to the legend there used to be a pagan sanctuary where Curonian tribes worshiped their gods.

And if you go further down and up to the second viewing platform, you will see the shore of the Curonian Lagoon, endless dunes, village Morskoye and its picturesque houses with red tiled roofs. And you can finish the active day in “the realm of birds and sand" on the beach playing volleyball, soccer, swimming in the sea, promising each other to come back here again!

Number of participants: 10-100

Duration: 8 hours

Period: May-September

Extra: Lunch on the lagoon shore, beach games, swimming in the sea

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