Under the sky of Svetlogorsk

Under the sky of Svetlogorsk

Excursion across Svetlogorsk - а coast pearl.

Development of Svetlogorsk as a resort and tourist center began in the middle of the XIX century.

The visit of Prussian King Frederick William IV gave impetus to the arrangement of the coastal zone of Raushen (since 1946 - Svetlogorsk). The place became fashionable and gained a reputation as a popular climatic health resort. Baltma Tours offers two routes around Svetlogorsk (former Raushen).

Following the first one, you will learn many interesting things about the town's architecture. The route starts from the modern railway station building. Not far from it you will see some historic landmarks. One of the most beautiful buildings in the town is a former boarding house "Sea View” built by architect Goering and owned by Karl von Streng, the burgomaster of Raushen. Another attraction is the villa of architect Goering on the steep shore. Among birches and pines almost unchanged there is Villa "Moymann" - the house of Professor of physics Franz Moymann, a teacher at Albertina. A little farther there is a gorgeous hotel "Dune". In the city center you can see Villa "Hartmann" with preserved half-timbered gables. By the way, the Hartmann family used to own the restaurant "Zeestern" on the promenade, which is still popular today. You will see a holiday home "Tannenhof" and Villa "Rosenhaus," and an excellent example of half-timbered style - Svetlogorsk concert hall (former Catholic chapel), an old "Kurhaus" in which Thomas Mann stayed in 1929. At the end of the tour you will go to Otradnoye to visit Brachert’s Villa, which today houses the museum of the famous sculptor.

The second route will show Svetlogorsk as a unique arboretum. The pine is the most important and significant tree in Svetlogorsk. Alongside with pines there are green magnolias and North American hydrangeas. Witch grape vines encircle the water tower - a symbol of the old and modern Rauschen- Svetlogorsk. There are pyramidal oaks, Wilson’s poplars and heat-loving nuts. And there is another wonder - Japanese Forsythia. In the city center anyone can enjoy a walk in the old larch park. The ultimate aim of the walking tour is the Museum of Forest, where you can learn a lot of interesting things about green vestment of Svetlogorsk. 

Number of participants: 10-200

Duration: 4 hours

Period: All year round

Optional: bicycle tour; beach volleyball or football; catering on the beach; Beach party; paintball.

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