Gastronomic Konigsberg

Gastronomic Konigsberg

Let’s go and eat in Kaliningrad?!

Baltma Tours invites you to the gastronomic city tour.

For the beer lovers we offer to visit the degustation at the Bretzel restaurant with the excursion at the brewery and the story about the preparation of this drink. Of course, the traditional beer snacks are waiting for you!

Then – we depart to the Bavarian restaurant Zotler, where you will also be able to taste different kinds of beer with the dishes of Königsberg cuisine, and, of course, “bretzel”!

For the fans of fish cuisine (you know, Kaliningrad is a maritime city!) we prepared a fish menu at the restaurant “Poplavok” which specializes on crayfish. Not only cutlets from pike and other delicacies are waiting for the guests, but also a boiled crayfish master-class.

Do not forget to look into the “Marzipan Museum” and do your unique marzipan by hand according to an old Königsberg receipt! Here you will also know the history of the appearance of marzipan, legends, connected with it, learn from what ingredients marzipan consists of and how to cook it. In conclusion, each guest will decorate a marzipan souvenir and will get it as a present!

And in the evening a master-class of cooking famous “Königsberg klops” will wait for you under the guidance of an experienced chef.

The next day you will depart on the coast of the Baltic Sea to get acquainted with the unique National Park “Curonian Spit” – to the kingdom of birds and sands! Here you will visit the oldest ornithological station of banding birds, try real Baltic fish-soup, famous smoked eel and other delicacies made from local fish.



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