Mysteries of old Königsberg

Mysteries of old Königsberg

Offered by Baltma Tours “quest” is an exclusive team-building in Kaliningrad in the search of treasures, during which the participants will solve lots of interesting riddles and puzzles, connected with the history and culture of the medieval Königsberg and modern Kaliningrad.

The participants can explore sights independently, see what is hidden from the others eyes, show erudition and acumen, discover the secrets of the old city and necessarily find treasures!

Everything is real! The team chooses its name and captain. Then the participants receive the map of the city, the list of tasks, completing which the members of the team will find out a lot of interesting about the city history. For each correct answer the team gets a clue for the next stage.

One must move around the city, but the speed of movement is by no means the key factor of victory! Much more important is the ability to think quickly and originally, to give correct answers to all the questions and, what is most important, to find treasures. It is allowed to solve tasks with the help of the local people, i.e. getting information using the method “walking to the people” and “a call to a friend”.

Success in overcoming obstacles depends on unity and coherency of the whole team, and also on inventiveness of each participant.

The quest takes part in the central part of the city and expects to last 2,5 hours. During this period the players will be able to visit a number of city museums, old fortification constructions and other interesting places – everything to solve the mysteries of Königsberg!  

The Tower Kronprinz, the Amber Museum, the Cathedral, Kant’s grave, the Museum of the World Ocean – here is only small list of program items. The final point is the restaurant of German cuisine Zotler.

Festive rewarding of the winner-team and surprise for each participant finish the game. During the game you will receive pleasant emotions, unexpected discoveries, a rush of adrenaline and competitiveness. The program “Mysteries of old Königsberg”  is the good opportunity to test yourself, get invaluable experience studying the city independently, to have a good  time, get a lot of new information and to enjoy achieving goals together.

For the game there must be several teams. One should have comfortable shoes, a camera, water, and of course good luck!



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