Peter's times in Peterhof

Peter's times in Peterhof

We invite you to experience the atmosphere of the times of Peter I in St. Peteburg in Peterhof.

Costume ball will plunge you into the atmosphere of the 18th century. For one evening you can become a famous noble or even a powerful king or an emperor. The waiters dressed up in old clothes and white wigs, the etiquette and protocol of that time and even Peter the Great himself.

Peterhof with its magnificent palaces and the incredible beauty of the park reminds us of the old days. Here you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of the golden statues and the cool of the fountains. But the dishes served will be the most unusual surprise for you as they are cooked to the recipes of the Chef of the imperial cuisine.

During the dinner musicians will play the harp and the violin. The central event of the costume gala dinner is a master class in dance Minuet.

The evening will end by a fire-show.



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