Conferences or training sessions in Salt Mine

Conferences or training sessions in Salt Mine

The dazzling decor and the intimate atmosphere of the underground excavations make the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine an ideal venue for meetings, conferences, symposia, congresses, conventions and various business meetings. The underground chambers are ideal both for intimate and large events, with up to 600 guests.

All the chambers are equipped with a sound system, a projector, a screen and a flipchart. Depending on the location, we also provide wireless microphones, a drink bar, a stage, a rostrum, audio-visual system, and even a booth for simultaneous interpretation. In most chambers, access to the Internet and mobile networks is also available. In addition, each chamber has its own cloakroom and separate kitchen facilities. We also offer professional technical services for events organised in the mine's underground and parking spaces (for an additional small fee). 

Kopalnia Soli

We also guarantee professional catering services for events organised in the underground chambers, from coffee breaks to fine receptions. The dishes, of both traditional Polish and European cuisine, are prepared on site, in the underground kitchens, using fresh, top-quality products. Customers can choose a customised menu or select from among the suggestions of our excellent chefs. 

Each project organised in the mine can be adorned by additional attractions, from the tour of mine, to crossing an underground salt lake by ferry, meeting with the good spirit of the salt underworld, the Treasurer, and the performance of a mining orchestra - with the only limits being set by the expectations of our customers. 

It is also possible to organise events in the coy rooms of the beautiful Grand Sal**** Hotel. The hotel offers a conference room with state-of-the-art equipment and a Business Centre, and the restaurant provides top-quality catering services for the events, offering signature dishes by the chefs and local dishes from the Malopolska region. 

The convenient location of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine (just 10 km from the centre of Krakow), its unique original interiors and the professional service offered will guarantee the success of your project and leave the participants with unforgettable memories.



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