The conquest of the Royal Capital

The conquest of the Royal Capital

St. Petersburg is the world famous "cultural value" of Russia!

We offer to explore the city during the quests, penetrate into its secrets and get unforgettable positive emotions!

Who wants to discover the "soul" of the amazing city?! We have offered unseen adventures and events occurring in the brightest corners of St. Petersburg. Special mission is waiting for you in the Hermitage where a valuable painting dating from the 15th century has been missed... To succeed in this difficult case you will have to investigate a daring crime in the total conspiracy.

We also suggest you to take your own movie! The Musketeers are fighting with guards of the Cardinal in the Mikhailovsky Garden. Sherlock Holmes is investigating mysterious murder on the Nevsky Avenue.

But what would have happened if in St Petersburg story had gone in another ways? We invite you to take part in a fun game and write your own history of St Petersburg!

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