Walking with Melody of Johann Strauss

Walking with Melody of Johann Strauss

Together with the Museum of the World Ocean, Baltma Tours invites you to visit the unique museum of our city, its exhibits, and finish this wonderful day with an open-air dinner to the accompaniment of the symphonic orchestra sounds on the territory of the old fortress Friedrichsburg.

The Kaliningrad Regional Symphony Orchestra will perform for you under the conducting of the Honoured Worker of Arts of Russia Arkady Feldman.

The walls of the old fortress Friedrichsburg became an excellent setting for musical masterpieces of different times. Formerly, the bellow of the cannon sounded here, and the tsar-reformer Peter the Great studied gunnery with excitement. 

Today the air in the fortress is filled not with powder smoke and sounds of army trumpets, but with amazing beauty of melody, forcing to forget about the martial past of the old walls. 

On the open territory of the Friedrichsburg Gate the Symphony Orchestra under the conducting of Arkady Feldman performs not only popular classics but also well-known and already beloved themes of famous films.




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