Town of ships

Town of ships

The most western town of Russia.

Baltiysk once being German Pillau is the most western outpost of Russia. The town is situated on Samland Peninsula in the Primorskaya bay, where the Vistula Spit begins, stretching for 65 km. The town has an amazing history of military conquests. It was repeatedly occupied by Swedish, German and Russian troops. But even in the German time Pillau was closely associated with Russia: Peter I visited the town three times, and now Baltiysk has a monument to Peter the Great, the height of which is 6.5 meters.

And during the Seven Years' War, when Prussia was occupied by Russian troops an Orthodox Church was built in Pillau. The world’s largest equestrian statue with a female rider can be seen on the shore. It is the statue of Russian Empress Elizabeth. It is definitely worth seeing. Present-day Baltiysk is the base of the Russian Baltic Navy. Flagships and destroyers are moored in the canals. So, to visit Baltiysk foreign tourists need a permit, which is issued by Baltma Tours.

Another unique attraction of Baltiysk is the annually celebrated National Naval Day. The celebration is an amazing and very spectacular event not to be missed. Not every day you manage to see warships “in action”, as well as a picturesque parade of officers and sailors.

Come to Baltiysk and see it with your own eyes!

Number of participants: 10-200

Duration: 6 hours

Period: May-September.

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