Cathedral Night

Cathedral Night

The oldest cathedral church of Königsberg was built by bishop Siegfried of Samland at the beginning of the XIV century. As the Cathedral of East Prussia, it served as a burial place of the most outstanding representatives of the highest secular and spiritual hierarchy.

The great German philosopher Immanuel Kant was buried at the northeast corner of the Cathedral on the 28th of February 1804.   

Now the Cathedral is a unique preserved monument of East Prussia, historical and cultural heritage of Königsberg.

“Cathedral Night” begins from the meeting with famous “Königsberg citizens”, sounds of the string orchestra and a glass of champagne. Then you will have an opportunity to enjoy the concert of organ music and get acquainted with the organ history.

There are 2 organs in the Cathedral: the first is choral and the second – the largest in Russia – includes 4 manuals, 122 registers and more than 8,5 thousands of pipes (from 11 mm. to 10,5 m. long). After the concert you can learn a secret of mastery of organists, get acquainted with the unique organ complex of the Cathedral and the peculiarities of playing this wonderful instrument, looking inside the three-storeyed Big organ, feel the instrument’s energetics, see how the musician extracts from it enchanting sounds which win public’s hearts at the concerts.

In conclusion, a set-out will wait for you in the small hall of the Cathedral. Welcome to the program “Cathedral Night”!



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