Mysteries of Rauschen

Mysteries of Rauschen

Quest around Svetlogorsk 

Try out one of the mysteries of the Baltic States visiting the resort Svetlogorsk (former Raushen). Believe us, you haven’t known this side of Svetlogorsk! We offer to turn an interesting excursion into an exciting game, and Baltma Tours will help you with this!

What is the quest-game? The participants divided into several teams get maps or iPads with task. The fulfillment of the tasks will open an amazing story of Raushen, a resort with 7 centuries history.

During the quest, moving around the “garden-town" as Svetlogorsk is often called, you will get unforgettable pleasure from enjoying the nature and preserved architectural masterpieces. In fact, this town was not damaged during the war, and is a veracious witness to the resort life of East Prussia.

For each correct answer the team gets a hint for the next step. The locals (their help in solving the tasks) are at your disposal. Team spirit and quick wittedness of each participant will guaranty success.

Quest "Mysteries of Rauschen" is a unique team-building  which allows to get a different view of Svetlogorsk. During the game, participants will solve a lot of interesting riddles and puzzles related to the history and culture of medieval and modern Rauschen-Svetlogorsk.

You will be able to explore the sights, suddenly discovering a lot of interesting things in the most ordinary places, to show erudition and intelligence, revealing the "secrets of the town." And the reward for it is a treasure, and of course, lots and lots of warm memories! 

Number of participants: 10-200.

Duration: 4 hours

Period: May-September 

Extra: lunch at the seafront restaurant, souvenirs


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