A timeless city

A timeless city

Meeting Königsberg in Kaliningrad 

You have an opportunity to learn about this more than seven centuries old city either together with a guide, or through a quest involving a treasure hunt.

You will be offered to solve interesting riddles and puzzles about history and culture of medieval Königsberg and modern Kaliningrad. You will visit the old Cathedral with the great Immanuel Kant buried next to it, the Amber Museum and other main sights of the capital of the westernmost Russian region.

This land has witnessed a number of great historical and political events, which made a significant impact on the present-day world. The period when German was spoken here, by historical standards, was not that long - about seven hundred years, but it was very rich in events. Early medieval chronicles tell much about pagan Prussians conquered by the Germans, but there is hardly anything said at all, even in legends, about what happened here before that.

For Russians, as well as people from around the world, Kaliningrad is known primarily as Königsberg, the former capital of East Prussia. Since 1255 Königsberg was a major commercial, scientific and cultural centre not only in Germany, but also in Europe. In different periods the city belonged to different states. Originally it consisted of three towns, which united only in 1724.

The city, which has gone through a wide range of changes, survived fires and wars, today intricately combines features of an ancient German city and a modern Russian one. German and Russian histories are intertwined here in a single “thread of time”, creating new, often incredibly exotic forms attracting a large number of guests from different countries. 

Number of participants: not limited

Duration: at least 3 hours

Period: all year round

Extra: visits to museums;

           a boat tour on the Pregolya River;

           lunch/dinner in a restaurant



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