King’s Gate Museum

King’s Gate Museum

112, Frunze Street, Kaliningrad, 236000,
Phone: +7 401 258 12 72

It is the most significant monument of the defense ring of the fortress city Konigsberg. Rebuilt in 1850, currently the King's Gate houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to visits of Peter the Great, a famous Russian tsar, to Koenigsberg.

A turning point in the history of the King's Gate was the 750th anniversary of Königsberg-Kaliningrad celebrated in 2005 when the gate was completely renovated (including the bas-reliefs). In the same year, the gate became a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean. Today the museum in the gate represents a historical and cultural center "Grand Embassy" dedicated to the famous diplomatic mission of Peter the Great and introducing visitors to the history of Russian and European diplomacy. The "Amber cabin" placed there is of particular interest as it contains samples of amber from all over the world.

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