Friedland Gate Museum

Friedland Gate Museum

30, Dzerzhinskogo st., 236004, Kaliningrad, Russia
Phone: +7 401 264 40 20    Fax: +7 401 264 63 15

The museum is devoted to local history and is located in the architectural monument of the XIX century “Fridland gate”.

It is municipal  museum, he is devoted to the history of the city Koenigsberg and  operates in the following areas:

- collection of artifacts of every-day life of Koenigsberg’s residents of the end XIXth -  early  XXth century

- studying and popularization of history of city Koenigsberg of the end XIX - early XX century

- conservation, restoration and popularization of the monument of architecture of XIX century "City Gate “Friedland " with bridgeheads"

- coordination of regional activity on studying and popularization of monuments of fortification through annual international scientific conference «Defensive constructions of the Europe and East Prussia»

- coordination of the annual inter-museum project «Museum night in Kaliningrad » (about 13 participants, annually in May).

In his exposition activities museum focuses on the innovative practice of museum work - active (but appropriate) use of multimedia - in the museum is created a permanent exhibition  "Virtual walk through the old Koenigsberg", which has no analogues in Europe and Russia.

Under the high brick vaults there is an original cobbled road, built more than 100 years ago!

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