“Wieliczka” Salt Mine

“Wieliczka” Salt Mine

ul. Daniłowicza 10 32-020 Wieliczka, Poland,
Phone: +48 12 278 73 02    Fax: +48 12 278 73 33

The captivating interior of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is a perfect setting for organising a training session, a ball, a press conference or an unforgettable wedding. The saline underground is an ideal venue for a large, professional corporate event, or an intimate meeting among friends. Before you start the event or once you finish it, you can take your guests on a tour of the Tourist Route.

Conferences / Training sessions

Conferences / Training sessions    

We place at your disposal multimedia conference rooms with modern equipment, which offer a convenient place to organise a business training session, or a large business conference for up to 600 people.

Business Meetings

Business meetings 

A perfect place to create business contacts, meet an important contractor, or hold a business banquet for hundreds of people. The unique location will make your event highly prestigious and strengthen the image of your company.



The saline underground provides a wonderful setting for important events: an engagement party in the romantic Weimar Chamber, a fabulous wedding in one of the underground chapels, a prom in the Warszawa Chamber.

Events & Special Occasions

Events and Special Occasions

The underground chambers are an ideal venue for both chamber music concerts and grand balls with several hundred guests. Unique fashion shows and exciting boxing galas have already been held here.

Theme Events

Theme events

Participants visit the Tourist Route at night, take part in special programs, such as Underground Escapade, or enjoy the Wieliczka Evening event based on the tradition of the miners' beer tavern.

Events at the Grand Sal**** Hotel

Events at the Grand Sal**** Hotel

Highest-quality service and family atmosphere await you in the luxury hotel located a few steps from the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine underground historic monument.

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