The restaurant Tores Bravoras

The restaurant Tores Bravoras

Gurių str. 10, Vilnius, 11307, Lithuania
Phone: +370 640 1 2277

Restaurant TORES BRAVORAS, Tores brewery is located in an approx 4,5 km distance from the Town Hall. This place is surrounded by the nice forest of the Pavilnys regional park.

The restaurant offers european cousin with national specialities - Shank braised in beer,served with horseradish sauce and hot cabbage, Pork ribs with marinated vegetables and baked potatoes, Cheesecake with strawberry sauce, home made Rye bread. At the moment Tores brews 4 kinds of unfiltered beer. 

The restaurant has 3 banquet halls, 2 teracces. Capacity 120 people inside, 70 outside. Outside parking for 30 cars.

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