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Siemens arena is the first arena in Lithuania which meets global standards and the place where major country’s entertainment, sport events take place, concerts of world-famous superstars and Lithuanian performers, various international sport competitions and matches, performances. 

Siemens Arena is not only a great space to watch different events but also a suitable location for business relationship development. Businessmen already assessed technical capacities of the Arena and its modern environment therefore it became preferred by seminar, conference, congress, event organizers and companies organizing festive evenings.

Both small and large events can be organized in Siemens Arena, when offer a universal system of halls – events can take place in the main hall or in smaller premises of the Arena such as BMW Club, press room or suites for events. Such space division allows inviting 20 to 12,000 people to the event organized in the Arena.

Larger events for 1,500 to 12,000 people can be organized in the Main Hall of the Arena. Cosy and pleasant environment for business events is created by transforming spaces of the Arena and adapting them to specific needs of clients.

Mini Concert Hall is a new and modern concert hall where 700 to 1,600 spectators can watch the event depending on the hall transformation with curtains. A unique space intended for acoustic concerts, different the atrical and actor performances, recording of TV projects and shows, private events.

BMW Club is a great place for smaller and closed events. Seminars, conferences, events for clients or employees, presentations of new products, other presentations and different business events can be organized here. The territory of the Club occupies almost 1,000 sq m and it is located on two floors of the Arena. The Club can accommodate up to 800 people. BMW Club has a separate entrance and a cloakroom; five bars operate there. Depending on the planned number of guests and the type of event the whole space of BMW Club or only it's separate floors can be rented. A special menu or buffet can be offered during the event.

A smaller group of people is offered to rent one of five Sports Suites in Siemens Arena which can accommodate 27 to 42 people. They are convenient for organization of recreational events: presentation of a new product to clients, client and staff parties. Such events are usually organized during the sports events taking place in the Arena and guests can also communicate in peace before the event and have fun watching the event together afterwards.

Luxuriously equipped Events Suites that can accommodate 20 to 90 people can be rented on the fourth level of the Arena which offers excellent view of the hall and action taking place therein. Depending on the planned number of guests and the type of event the whole space of suites can be rented where up to 350 visitors will be able wine and dine and watch the event at the same time.

The Press Suite located in Siemens Arena is most suitable and most often used for different press conferences and trainings. Up to a hundred people can be accommodated in this suite. A modern sound recording system is installed; a place for video projecting is planned (including a screen and projector). The Press Suite can be rented even when no events are taking place in the Arena. The Suite can be accessed from outside through a separate entrance.

23 bars or fast food restaurants make visitors happy in Siemens Arena serving food and drinks prepared by five catering operators. In the BMW Club area visitors will find 3 “Cafeteria” bars where a particularly wide range of food and drinks is offered and a Korean restaurant “Sura”. The latter offers exceptional hot Asian snacks and sushi.

“Pomodoro”, fast food bars “Taurakalnis” and sandwich bars “Fast'N'Fresh“ operate in zones of the Arena available to all visitors.

Halls: Main Hall | 12000, Small Hall | 1600, BMW Club | 800, Event Hall | 350, Press Suite | 100, Sport Suites | 42. 

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