The beer restaurant Zötler

The beer restaurant Zötler

3, Leninsky pr., 236006, Kaliningrad
Phone: + 401 291 91 81

We offer you to relax in the atmosphere of a German restaurant and enjoy dishes cooked to traditional German recipes and made of fresh products from the best German producers. We recommend specialties, for example, famous “Kenigsberg klopses”, prepared following the recipe from a cookbook of Eastern Prussia of 1885 year! The supplier of meat to this restaurant is Max Ponnat’s family from Nurnberg, real professionals of meat business. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere is guaranteed. There are 3 halls in the restaurant; they are perfect for corporative events and dinners. Original Bavarian beer will undoubtedly create good mood, because this beer has been brewed at the Zotlers family since 1447 and carry the romantic air of the Alps and the old Bavarian villages. No matter which sort of beer you choose, it will be delicious Alpine taste. It is an ideal place for organizing Oktoberfest there.

Halls | 3. Capacity: banquet hall – up to 40; terrace – up to 30; general hall – up to 70 seats 

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